Where is the love?

Oh wow, I have not posted anything since 4/20... speaking of 4/20: I talk about Mary as much as I talk about Jesus and find out that most people I talk to are not into knowledge but into things being just the way they are. They don't like to question things they think they know and feel like I am stepping on their toes with all my questions. No wonder Socrates died because he was asking to many "why's".

Society is so busy making judgment that I wonder, what it means to be free.
Freedom and Love are the two mysterious things after the wonder of life. What makes a person free? What is love? Does it exist or co-exist with God? Who is God? Am I free enough to question?

I catch myself constantly looking over my shoulders, wondering if someone is watching me while I am alone in my room or maybe following me from a satellite.

We are living the science fiction movies. Being able to have a face to face "phone" conversation with the other side of the world, not having to worry about a cent is a pretty big step into the future. To live my prime-time in a world of real Knightriders and possible missions makes everything more colorful to me. It seems though, that we forgot to dream because nothing is impossible anymore. We became slaves of the freedom of choice. Even falling in love is harder. We can chose who we want to be with and leave when we do not want to be with each other anymore. In 2012 nothing lasts forever. As soon as he or she does something unlovable to the other party the love is gone. To be a virgin means to be boring.  Porn is the new cartoon, and children's cartoon was replaced with adult swim. I see more people text messaging on a date than speaking to each other in person, and my friends get mad at me if I do not reply to their sms right away. What happened to the times when we were not available? Now we just put our status to busy, unfriend, ignore and block; reminds me of the funny questions: "Are you sleeping?" and "Are you there?" - And we answer "yes, I am sleeping" and "No, I am not there".

 It is easier to fight for something and destroy just like cutting the unwanted frequencies with an equalizer. So I find myself hiding in my room just like when I was a little girl, dreaming of the same dreams, playing music, creating art. The world is crazy out there...


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