Chasin' Bunny

Once upon a time there was a girl who believed in fairy tales... Ok let's cut the bs... It all started sitting at the Republic of Pie (Paradise of the best pies... I swear!). Kelly asks Tony if he wants to go eat sushi. Tony turns around and asks me, if I would go to his house and watch Piano (his new little  rockstar status poppy), so that he can go out to eat sushi with Kelly and them. I say: "On a Friday night?" Well, I only had planned to go home and maybe work on my sine wave project. I know I could have watched the dog but if I did, I wouldn't have gotten a ride home in a Porsche Cayman. Don't ask me how I pulled that one. Since I was going to stay in, I needed one more thing: A trip to the store while on the phone with... a friend;)
Almost back at my door step I feel something fast fly by me that makes me turn around. "Maybe an Alien?" said the friend on the phone. Suddenly I see something with long ears on the street sitting in the dark. "Is that a bunny?" I go closer:" Oh my god it is! This MUST be somebody's bunny. When do you see a bunny walk around on the streets of LA?"
With the thought in my head that I would not rest in the morning thinking about what could have happened to the bunny, I try to catch it. It's 11.30pm and I am running up and down the street trying to catch a bunny. One car arrives and I run over: "Excuse me! Do you know anyone who owns a bunny on this street or around here?" The man looks at me laughing: "No I don't." - "Hm. Ok, Thank you!"

The car with the 2 other heroes arrived about five minutes later. "Hey guys! Do you know anyone who owns a bunny in the neighborhood? There is a bunny under this car. I'm trying to catch it." "No," says Tod, the bunny catcher. "Do you want us to help you catch it?" - "Sure! Please!". Another neighbor arrives out of nowhere and helps us on the mission. Luckily my roommate bought carrots for his dogs... Yes, I am going to leave that one in the air! 
I get some carrots out of the fridge, empty a box and get ready for the last try. It's midnight on a Friday night. 3 man and a woman are chasing after a bunny in the middle of the road of a family neighborhood in North Hollywood, California. Tod the superhero catches the bunny. We put it in my box; I take off my sweater and cover the top with it. "Now what?" I guess I will never learn how to say "No". I agree to take care of the fluffiest thing I have ever touched. But then a car arrives. Here is my last attempt to find the owner: "Excuse me! Do you know anyone who owns a bunny? We found a bunny!" The answer comes with a little pause and a smile: "Matter of fact I do." His roommate owns bunnies. Yes!!!

I made some new friends and found out that there are some people with good hearts in my neighborhood that will help rescue little bunnies... Why does this sound funny to me?! 

Anyways, will go check on the bunny soon hoping it did not land on a pan... oh oh! :/

By the way:  It turned out that my new friend Tod was the "New Roommate Tod" who took over my bed after I moved out of the Noho Artist House. He now lives with 3 of the roomies. Did I mention nothing happens by coincidence in my life?

I   guess this is my J.Dilla week, month, year, decade... ugh... Dilla for Life! ;)

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