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The feeling of being unhappy is what makes the existence of the devil so present in our world. It is my make to reflect a little deeper about everything. I have wondered and gone on people’s nerves with my philosophies since I can remember being able to think. 

At a very early age I figured out, that it is more important to read and analyze the things societies put so much wait on, than just believing in them. Spending plenty of hours in churches, libraries and Barnes & Nobles, reading Holy Scriptures of any religion, philosophy and sociology books, as well as looking up ancient history and art, I have come to one conclusion:

Truth is what you make true, what you believe in bound with the existence of universal history, that you bring alive with books and stories. The five senses combined make a whole new sense, and the simple “thought” is one way to manipulate our lives. We raise our world with our own believes, judgments, words. We evaluate the work of God through reading and interpreting written words we call holy, because stories of wise fighters who had faith in God brought change to their people. So we make rules, ways of living, cultures and power.

Some of us find their truth in science and may start going crazy in the knowing that our government is “corrupt” and that evolution is something unexplainable, though some day human kind may destroy its being. I truly admire the once who go with the flow and whatever they were raised into, the answer to the question “why?” will always be: “It’s just the way it is”.
Really lost you are, when you start telling yourself that there is no God. Some inexplicable things will begin to happen and sooner or later the inquisition will start all over again.

Our nature is incredibly young in cosmic time count and evolutionary changes happen every moment. Think about it like this: It is simple physics that energy cannot be created; it is changed and manipulated. Electricity in our homes is pure energy and the one that is not used for the electronic devices is “grounded”, sent back to earth. If we do not ground the excessive power, whoever touches the device may get electrocuted. Everything on earth is moving energy. Nowadays many countries have power plants just like the ones damaged in Japan. They exist because we have a stone on earth called, Uraninite which contains Uranium, an element that is naturally formed in supernovae. A uranium Atom has 92 protons and 92 electrons, short: A LOT OF ENERGY, which we call radioactivity, because its frequency is so high that it can manipulate our bodies.

Why am I telling you all this? Because you are energy and can become radioactive! We call the good energy “Love” and the bad energy “Hate”, even thought I think it is “Fear”. Get my point? Whatever you do, you can only create energy by pro-creating and your energy will influence others, no matter how. Once your body becomes inactive, whatever energy you put out there in your life will have made the difference for the next generation.

We all have a certain sixth sense. It’s our bodies’ grounding formula.  There is a certain rhythm to it. Once you let the watch go and take your time to breathe deep without any thoughts, a different kind of deliberation steps in. I will not keep explaining you what it is, because if you have not experienced it yet, it is time. There is no reason for you not to reach that moment of peace in yourself. Find the balance and know your real truth; your purpose is in your DNA, which is you. It will make a big difference in all of us when you seek truth inside of yourself, and generate the energy needed to use your body for the purpose you put in every move.


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My birthday is not only the day Venus was born 3114 B.C., as well as Fidel Castro's, Napoleon's and Hitchcock's birthday, it is also Left-Handers Day! I am a lefty just like Pedro... ;)
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-Venus LeonE


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