This is for the lovers. For the ones who know each other. For the ones who need to spice it up a bit. Get lit.

eYe present to you the music video to my first song ever self produced. eYe booked the studio, set up and ran back and forth between booth and mix board, recording on a Telefunken Vintage Tube mic and a Neumann U87. Of course, I had to play with the analog Fairchild 660/670 compressor (check out my Acoustic Signal article: Fairchild 660/670 - The Holy Grail Of Outboard Devices), which was in action during the vocal recording. Everything was mixed and mastered on ProTools. 
The beat was sent to me by Stefan Green, a guy from Virginia, who found me on Linkedin and we never met. The video was created with behind the scenes footage of a photoshoot on green screen at Mel's Studios in North Hollywood, CA, shot by the editor M. Dean Darby, who at the time was attending the Los Angeles Film School. We met in general education class, while I was going through the recording program.

After the shoot with my all time photographer Mario Prado, I played around playing my demos and that is how the video was filmed. Most of the art in the background is my own (besides the flowers) and the movie clips are from Dean's shorts collection, he directed. 

eYe hope you enjoy!


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