Run Away

Today marks a historical day for me. Ten years ago on the day, I held an audition for a band at Amp Rehearsal Studios after having to run away from someone, I thought I was going to build a life with and walked right into the next heartbreak. I'm still not completely ready to share all my stories with the public, but I guess my songs speak for me.

Damien, Shawn, Cameron and Steve auditioned and became my friends and band members. We had a bunch of rehearsals, but since everyone was a working musician, we did not make it to last long, but the relationships and memories built last forever (good or bad). And here is an insider: eYe.Prophecy was supposed to be the name of the band, before it became the name of my album.

Now, I know I have been promoting a release of my new album eYe.Passion, but there has been some delays in video editing and some decision making, but most of the songs are already out as demos on Soundcloud.

The one, I want to tell you a story about is: "Run Away"

I wrote the lyrics to this song also exactly ten years ago, but the matching instrumental was added years later. In 2006, I used to roommate with Cristina Benedetti (Groovaloos, Jabbawockeez choreographer), who at the time was traveling to LA just like me to take classes at dance schools like Millenium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds Studios. She called me to listen to this wonderful voice of the singer Hope. I fell in love with the song and went to Amoeba to buy her album. A few years passed and I met this producer Christian Shorter. Turned out that Christian is Hope's brother and producer of Hope's album. Throughout the years, collaborating with different artists, Chris and I connect to work on a song and he sent me his beats. Now, I have 2 songs in collaboration with Christian Shorter: Run Away and the already released single Just Saying.

You never know where life will take you, but it is always a roller coaster of emotions and random coincidences, that we can also call fate... #justsaying. 


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