Some friends have asked me for advice regarding keeping their dog healthy, because they always see Angel in good health. I take my little girl on long walks in the morning and evening, to take a bath once a month and I listen to her whining and barking. My dog doesn't do anything for no reason and we understand pretty much everything we tell each other.

1) Flea Away (it's vitamins, no garlic)
One pill a day! It really works! Just remember, it takes 30 days to kick in, so if you don't want any fleas in spring, start giving them the pill in February. Just don't wait to flea season and then get upset that it doesn't work. One bottle lasts a while and it's worth it, because not only it keeps naturally fleas away, but the ingredients are also a good supplement for your dog's (or cat's) health. Why I don't use Frontline, or any of those vet prescribed flea remedies? Because they can cause seizures and all kind of health complications in your pet, especially when they are small. *

2) FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth that you can keep spread on dog bed, backyard AND you can put a tea spoon in a cup of water and cleans. It tastes like a water rich in minerals. It's fossil earth. Its particles are diamond like, so they cut open any pest and parasite


 3) Good for hotspots and upset stomach (when they eat grass): Fruitables Diagestive Supplement with Pumpkin and Ginger (only give 10% of food, so like a side dish)

4) Mix raw freeze dried meat like Stella & Chewy (They also have frozen patties, but since I live in Cali where the sun shines every day and my dog doesn't always eat everything right away, I rather go safe. The frozen meat can't sit there, so freeze dry works better for my doggy) with grain free, corn free, meat by product free, meat meal free kibble. My choice of kibble is Taste of The Wild. You don't have to mix the food, but if you were only cooked food, or kibble to your dog, mix it first with its food, no matter if you chose frozen or freeze dried raw meat. 
***Please do not go to the supermarket and just buy raw meat. That meat is not sterile and could have dangerous bacteria. Please only buy the raw food and bones in a pet store, or from a brand dedicated to pets.  


5) Goat milk - don't believe the old people, do not give Billie cheese, ever! But goat milk keeps them nice and hydrated, probiotics and enzymes. Powder is more expensive but doesn't expire, although angel likes the Primal bottled more. 

6) Bullysticks keep their teeth clean and don't stick to the intestine like rawhide, which is really bad for them. They also keep them busy for hours. Don't give more than one a day though and throw away the end. They love to swallow that big end piece. Don't look at what it is either... lolol

7)A little coconut oil in food and as lotion for you and your dog. You can drip a drop or two of lavender oil when putting on them or on you (that's what I do now instead of perfumes). Lavender and coconut oil also keep your feet from getting athletes foot. Thank for that tip.

8) A piece of carrot for breakfast (don't give too much fiber, so do not give a full carrot to a chihuahua. Toy size dogs get baby carrots.), Broccoli, a little quinoa mixed in their food, bananas, apples, cranberries, melons without the seeds, peaches,... basically cycle good seedless fruits and veggies!

***Big NoNos: No grapes, no raisins, no strawberries, no coffee, no tea, no macadamia nuts, no avocado, no table sugar, no menthol/mint, no cheese, no garlic, no onions, no chocolate, no fruits with seeds.*** 

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