Man! This year is finally coming to an end! 

I started 2020 by going back to school. Did a 5 week semester of trigonometry to start with physics in spring. In January Australia was still on fire,Trump got an Iranian general killed and I was on the way to the GRAMMYs at the staples center when the Lyft driver mentioned that Kobe had died. Then at the end of the month (still January) we started hearing about China building a hospital in 2 weeks, because of a new illness outbreak and the year became a shit show. I started my physics semester and got a call with a great opportunity to work on a Netflix show, so I was going to have to drop out of my classes but by March we were set up with online classes, we were in lockdown and I never saw campus again. I started eating way too many king size Fatburgers just in case I needed to run from zombies, but ended up twisting my foot the first week of lockdown on the kitchen doorstep and was immobile until after the lockdown lifted. My last day of work was that Friday 13 spent in the rain in Malibu on set of the latest Progressive commercial with Flo and Jamie for one word in Portuguese. It was muddy and cold and I was the only one wearing a mask. Producers were talking about going back to NYC the next day. I think that was the last time or one of the last it rained in LA before the rain that we just got for Christmas. 

There was the news of killer hornets making us all crazy, but then the video of Ahmaud Arbery’s lynching popped up on my feed, a few days later the one with the lady calling the police on a black man, a bird watcher who asked her to put her dog on the leash followed by George Floyd’s death video with the police officer’s knee on his neck, Breonna Taylor’s killing and more videos, recordings and reports popped up that made the whole world go into protest mode for black lives. It was like living a history book. And then the lockdown was lifted; the summer came and I got word that my friend Tilt suddenly died. 

My heart couldn’t handle much more, but the summer started mild and my friends showed up for my little social distancing birthday get together blessings me with feeling loved. We got word that production would resume in September, we were getting ready for the crazy upcoming elections and things started feeling a little normal, but that’s when the heatwave hit us causing the worst wild fires the west coast had ever seen. The air quality was so terrible and we even got a couple of earthquakes, so that’s when I started to panic for real... like give me a bag, I can’t breathe, I’m having a heart attack type of panic. All of my family is spread around the world and with Covid still bitching we couldn’t fly, go to a movie theater to get our mind off ish and take advantage of the air conditioning for a couple of hours, no drinks with friends, no nothing and I felt like I was choking. 

Well then at the beginning of October, I finally got my appointment for my citizenship interview and the work schedule with Netflix which coincidentally was starting on the same day. Due to the circumstances, the swearing in was happening on the same day as the interview and the first mandatory production meeting via zoom, so I managed to attend both at the same time and go straight to work after my ceremony. I managed to register and cast my vote in this election. That was a win!

Two weeks into the job I had been trying to get for 8 years, people started testing positive and within a month Covid shut us down and I got sick too, getting my 78 years old roommate sick and then her brother and sister in law. I can say I survived Covid in 2020! My roommate and her fam too... which is unfortunately not something everybody can say and that thought makes my heart heavy again. I reached out to my dog groomer and friend to see how she was doing through this time to receive a reply from her son that she suddenly passed away on October 7th. I’m glad I got to see her and drop off some gifts I had for her in July, but her passing was very unexpected. Then one of my dear friends’ son also suddenly passed away and shit... Wtf?! I know I’m blessed but I also know these news are coming to basically all of us. 

I truly hope and pray that 2021 will be a year of solutions. My sincere condolences to everyone who lost loved ones this year. I wish there was more than words to pass to you to ease your pain.

We got Biden and my personal favorite Kamala Harris into the White House. May the vaccines work, the green new deal pass, diversity and inclusion become standard, kids all around the world receive the best education there is. May we plant trees, shake hands again, stop wars and let peace rain the planet. May we find harmony in tune with Mother Earth and become her true protectors. 

God bless you and if you don’t believe in any gods, may the force be with you!

2020 is finally over! We got the vision! 

Happy 2021, mothafackas! 💜

Ps: here’s the video I had posted last year for NYE. My 2019 was actually just awesome.  https://www.instagram.com/tv/B6wC2Xgl9xN/?igshid=f6cpq9ig5gmc


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