....The population of Alabama, Ohio and Mississippi combined make up the population of the county of Los Angeles. Passing laws that get the majority of people angry and distracted from what they are really doing and then falling pray to that ish is stupid. I want to know what is being covered up with this news all over the world. This is not and we are not turning into Gilead. You watch too much TV. These political stunts are happening for a reason. Nobody gives that much shit about children and life, or no one would be starving! If humans were so pro life, I would not be paying $340 a year, plus have people all up in my face, because I do not want to fix my dog. In those states you can still abort your cat's pregnancy at any stage. How pro life is that? Just like pets, there are millions of kids in shelters, foster care and orphanages. Nobody is passing bills to get the ones who were already born into a safe and loving home. But some of you will say that I'm comparing apples to oranges, like there is a privilege to what species you are... and that is where your "human privileges" get narrowed down to a few, a group that wants to control the masses. This is not about pro life. It is about power and you are letting that power control you. Why would a woman support this bill? Because most people see everyone else as stupid and lesser than them. Think of your fear to get attacked or robbed. I live in a city that could be a country, apparently one of the most dangerous places in the world... This city? Where people leave their doors open and have chickens in the backyard? This city, where no matter where you are people will talk to you? This city, where the police has such a bad reputation that you can just be waiting in a restaurant to be served and here comes a group of officers instead of sitting down and waiting like everyone else, they will start clearing tables to help the one man ran restaurant?
There is one thing and one thing only that I agree with Trump: The media will distort the truth to awaken a mass hysteria. You give your kids anxiety with CNN news.
The world is not filled with bad people, or we would not be at 7.8 billion humans on Earth. Fertility rate is going down? Good! Nature is balancing ish out. Human Rights? What rights? If you don't live in a 10 million dollar mansion, you might have money, but you are not part of the club that runs this world. That club meets every year in my country also known as Switzerland. That is the club that decides our fates. Everyone else is just a slave to the human ecosystem.
I don't deal with stupid.


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