New Album out, Best Sound Nomination and My Love for Easter

I truly hope your year is going as well as mine, because my 2017 sucked balls, but 2018 took off like a SpaceX rocket on a sunny day. First of, I got to meditate my way into the year, waiting for the other girls to arrive at club Giggles, where we performed a short and fun samba show. I love starting my year making money while having fun and it has not disappointed me yet: When I make money NYE, they rest of the year is usually successful. My involvement with Women In Media got me a few more gigs working as sound mixer on set. I worked on a commercial for a music streaming company and the talent happened to be a long time friend. Due to a non disclosure agreement,  I will have to wait for the release of the commercial, before talking about it, so stay tuned, I will definitely post about my experience in a later blog. But there was another cool set job, I want to brag about: The Goddess Project hired me to record sound for this awesome inspirational video "I am A Woman!"
The whole crew was female. We started an hour late and wrapped two hours early without sweating nor smelling up the place on top of having a camera girl sick with the flue. The director edited the video herself, so I helped her fixing some audio in post as well. Here is the video:

After my work on this awesome project, I finished mixing my second album, that I did not release last year and missed the Grammy submission, due to all the crazy happening (my friend committed suicide in January, had to live in a cheap hotel for a month due to water damage to my apartment during the atmospheric river rain in California followed by court case vs my landlord, after my one year car accident anniversary my "uncle" Mario - friend and photographer, who takes most of my pics and picked me up from the hospital a year earlier - had a big car accident with someone, who had no car insurance nor driver's license, followed by the biggest fires in LA's history and all the hurricanes taking over the American continent). While registering the copyright information etc. to release the album, I was informed, that I was nominated for BEST SOUND by Top Indie Film Awards for my work on THE GUITAR by Michael Boston. So much for me saying that sound mixers do not get nominated for anything. 😬



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