If your daily goal is not to be a blessing in someone's life and live by example for the next, you end up being the curse. While you are so busy gossiping and judging your own friends, families and neighbors, they are doing the same with you and the circle doesn't break. You go to church and look for blessings in your life, but how many times a day are you looking to work as a blessing for other people and the world? When will you realize that the code to the universe is inside of you and if you don't reach out to lift someone up, who will do it?

You don't have to be religious or spiritual to realize that what goes around comes around. We can call it karma or science. Love has a frequency of 528 Hz. It is actually measurable. So worrying about what people think of you, is not going to change anything in the world, because that worry has nothing to do with your purpose. Trust me, you have one! In fact, it is science that says: "Life is a miracle". It is actually not that easy to fertilize an egg. Even a tiny ant is unique and has a purpose in life, so why wouldn't all and each one of us humans? But either we worry about our own good too much or not at all. We are running out of leaders, because most of us are too worried about how to show the world our selfies, instead of worrying about how to set an example for the next generation and fix what our ancestors messed up with.

We have not changed a bit from the time of Jesus. We don't need another messenger. The message has reached us. Earth needs to be nurtured not your ego. You are unique by nature and don't need to prove it, but we need to stop looking for Christ's return and live in him. It is time for the masses to strive for the world to become a better place and not just one in a million. Ask yourself, how you can make a difference in a person, animal or even plants life. Stop cussing people out and bless them. Only making this drastic change in you, you will see change around you.

- Venus


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