The Wiggle Video

In the beginning of this summer, while catching up with my homegirl Sacha Chang, she received a confirmation to be one of the featured models on Jason Derulo and Snoop's music video Wiggle. At that point, I did not think much but said: "Oh cool! The first music video I worked on as a dancer was also called Wiggle by Merlino! Break a leg!"

About a month goes by and I see the video with my girl. Excited about seeing her in it, I didn't really pay attention to the track itself but it sounded pretty familiar...

Another month goes and my friend from NJ, who put my music on mainstream radio in the east coast and I actually met on that wiggle muisc video shoot in 06, calls me out of the blue just to check in on me. Chatting around, he says: "By the way, you know that muisc video we did back in the days? Have you heard the new Snoop feat. Derulo track? ... Well, same producer!"

I am stunned...

Here is the Jason Derulo video featuring my beautiful friend Sacha:

And here is the 2006 Wiggle by Merlino with me (yes, I'm that girl with the way shorter curly hair do and the key chain wiggling around the pole... sorry mama, I was young and didn't give a fuh :P ):

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