The infamous Rob Dirdek Interview

LA Film School 1st Group Media Project:
TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

Assignment: Chose and find an important and successful person in the entertainment industry, interview him/her and document every step of the way.

We were randomly chosen by the teachers and named team SALMON. After chosing Rob Dyrdek as our inspiration we met every day one hour before and one hour after class to collaborate and discuss our game plan. We made a personal video to Rob asking him for the interview and sent the link to his email, his manager, his twitter, his friends but no answer. His twitters said he was in Kentucky for the weekend so we decided to go try to catch him at the Fantasy Factory on his first day back. Good choice, cause he was in a good mood! Thanks to everybody's effort we finished our project 1 day early and got an A+ ;)


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