Cornbread - VKSwizzPoetry

They call me feisty. They call me weird. They say I’m crazy. They say I don’t know how to submit. They scream at me, yelling no one wants to hear what you have to say. They tell me to go away.

But my rebellious spirit is too loyal to be obedient, because my God tells me to fight for the truth. My mother taught me to be ambitious, to drive to pole position. I was born to be a queen, to live a dream, to conquer fear and be free. There is nothing you can do to me; because God walks with me living through my poetry like there is no tomorrow. But tomorrow will always come. Even if you kill, you cannot erase Jesus’ spirit. There will always be a new birth, a new king.

Only love can fight evil. Only love will remain.
-Venus Leone

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