Going to school - Need To Make A Dollar Out Of 15 cents

I am getting my audio engineering degree and start October 24th, 2011 at the LA Film & Recording School.
It's my second education and dream profession. I am living as a performing artist and entrepreneur in LA and am going to pay for school by myself.

While going to school I am working on donation. If you have an interesting project on which you need a sound mixer / engineer please send your info to email@venusleone.com

Got A Dolla 4 Education? Please click on the button.

While I am going to school, I will always leave 15% which is 15cents of a dollar - In the assumption that there will be a humble amount in the donation account Gotadolla4edu. The 15% will be invested into furthering the education of some one else:

Maurine is one of my first fans and follower. She wrote me a beautiful email one day when I was getting discouraged and she simply found me online. Maurine lives in Kenya and already passed her first Semester of Hotel Management School. We have been in contact for about a year and a half now and one day she told me that it would be an advantage to her to have a laptop for school, so she asked if I know anyone that would send her a used one...

If you have a used laptop that still works please send your info to email@venusleone.com
I am collecting donations to send the laptop via UPS or Fedex

Now click on the button and give a dollar for education:


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