Most Wanted

It was the Eco Friendly Fashion Corner Show at the Highlands Club in the Kodak Theater in Hollywood where I met the talented Director Dallas King. I was working the red carpet event with Savvy-Le-Chill and simply asked Dallas if he would like to experience a 9min cloud 9 Le-Chill. Reminiscing about his words, I remember him saying something like: "No thanks but... Are you an actress?" and I said: "Tonight I am a Savvy!"
He gave me his card and told me to send him my info. So I did.

He replied: "Thank you for sending me your info.
I'll keep you on file for upcoming projects. and Possibly a project coming up in 2-weeks. Shooting a trailer. Ciao"

The project he was talking about was the movie Tattoo (  Later, I received an email from the casting director Janet Ellis. She asked me if I wanted to be part of the movie as a model and I simply said "No". I already have enough credit as a model and did not want to work for free, so I asked if there was a spoken role. Unfortunately they already had casted all the talents, so I answered: ". Maybe you just keep me in mind for the next shoot, or if you need some one in the production, ones there is a budget."

After 6 months of not hearing from Dallas, I forgot who he was, when he sent me a new email asking me if I wanted to audition for Bodega, the villain of his new project. I replied: "Sure!"
Receiving 150-200 emails a day I forgot to search for the directors message which obviously was caught by the junk mail and I missed the first audition. Janet gives me a second date but this time I am so super booked out with a translation job and teaching languages, that there was no time to learn my script. I got to the audition an hour late, forgetting my headshot and not knowing the script. But for some reason I had the right outfit and attitude on for the casting director to like me and call me back. Once I saw the casting location and read the script I wanted to be Bodega. I studied my ass off bugging all my actor friends to help me read properly.

 auditioned with this style of hair, thigh high boots, a shirt with a skeleton face on and a long black coat.

Time to leave for the second audition and here I am crying. My rent was 1 month late and I did not know what to do. Something told me f* it! Let's go have fun with this audition. Being late without a headshot again, I decided to take it as a joke. I killed the audition. Dallas, who I did not even recognize, loved it and called me to the last call back.

This time on time and with a headshot, Janet simply said: "Can you stay a little bit longer or better... forever?"
After casting 80 girls for this role, Janet was so surprised of my crazy improvement (thanks to the help of my friend Emory Livers) that she decided to walk me out and asked:" Are you acting right now? Do you have representation? Would you like to be represented by us?" All I said was: "Absolutely! I already checked your info and would love to be one of your talents!" So I signed with Arc Talent Management after a super pleasant meeting with her wonderful partner, Christine.

The movie was shot last week and is being edited now.
Here is the link to the storyboard trailer:
I am Bodega:
drawing by Anthony Satter

Here some behind the scenes shots:

Michael King plays Dice

Production Stills


Most Wanted from Michael Moriatis on Vimeo.

Most Wanted - Behind the Scenes Vol. 1 from ONYX Entertainment on Vimeo.

Letter by the Director Dallas King:

It has been almost a week since the first words of 'ACTION" for Most Wanted.

I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your energy, sacrifice, and creative support towards the project Most Wanted. It was certainly a journey for all of us, and in the end "WE" made it. A film is not made by one person..... but by a tribe, a collective, a village must come to together to make a vision into reality. Thank you for coming on this journey. When someone asks, "so what did you do last week....?" Here are some items to take in perspective when you tell them.

-Most Wanted was first put to paper last year August 2010.
-39 Revisions to the script
-Pre-production started November 2010
-Over 80 storyboard drawings
-Production lasted 6 days. (with 5 of those being actual shooting days.)

-Managed Total Cast and Crew that touched Most Wanted: 132 people (not including post-production)
-Moved Set Production (3) times.
-(3) days of equipment rental and returns
-1/2 ton of Crafty.
-Fed 365 people over 6 days.

-lit for 10 different scenes
-1/2 day pre-lighting the Electro Rave
-Broken lights - (none)
-Injuries (none)
-1/2 day Pre-light of Teleport Chamber

-Had to manage (2) RED Cameras, gear, and accessories worth over $50,000.
-Shot and Downloaded nearly 2 Terabytes (2,000 Gigabytes) of footage.
-Average new camera set-ups per day (18)
-Over 1GB of sound recorded.

-10 days to build and produce set pieces.
-built 1 large Teleport Chamber
-Set dressed (9) other sets for different scenes, in (4) different locations
-Average hours on set build each day (14)

-Designed, Styled, and Fabricated for over 65+ actors (principals + extras)
-Fabricated (2) Teleport Jump Suits from scratch. That reall light-up!!!
-Spent 10 hours fabricating 6 robes on Thursday.
-Fabricated the most amazing Wedding Dress for Bodega.

-4 weeks prep time
-Fabricated (2) prosthetic glowing digital handcuffs and digital ear pieces.
-Fabricated 2 working pigeons w/ movable eyes.
-(6) pairs of glow in the dark contacts.
-Assisted in Airbrush duties for Performers

- (5) MUAS / (4) Airbrush artists.
- Styled for (21) different actors
- Airbrushed (45+) dancers / performers
- Average time for 3 principal actors to receive make-up (2 hours)

-1/2 day to pre-rigg and rehearse the stunt scenes
-No injuries / accident-free record
-Pulled upward rigg over (24) times with stunt person attached. (Rehearsal / Stunt)

-21 actors
-10 Extras
-45+ Performers / Dancers
-3 weeks prep for principal actors
-6 cigars smoked
-14 page script to digest.

Most Wanted is only 50% complete. Now it must go through the "Post-Production" journey of Editing / Coloring / Visual FX / Sound Design / Score / Foley / and a lot of other adjustments.
Ideal completion and will release will be for Fall 2011.

Much luv and Solidarity for all your support.

Dallas King
ONYX Entertainment
MOST WANTED trailer from ONYX Entertainment on Vimeo.


Unknown said…
Thank you again Venus for making a dream... a reality... everything happens for a reason.

way to be a trooper, professional, and most of all...creative with your role.


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