Yesterday was a crazy day. I was called as French-English interpreter for 2 haitian girls locked up at the jail in Irvine because of no papers. Before the lawyer and I got there we almost caused an accident because of his gps. If I didn't say calmly "red light", I don't think I would be writing this today. There are some crazy stories on why people leave everything behind to search for help. No matter if they lie or not their souls are broken and they are just looking for a better life. That 'illegal alien' insult makes YOU a bad person not them, Niggah!!! This is our earth! Our people are looking, asking for help and you lock them up cause of papers??? There are rapists, killers and let's not forget the smiling child molestors walking around free and you worry about papers and work? since when work is illegal? Which commandment states: "Do not cross borders to seek a better future for yourself?" This one lady survived 2 shots in the head after watching her 18 years old niece getting raped.  Having to live on the street after the eartquake she decided to just run for hope... Human behavior makes me cry. I pray!


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