$52 to see Halle Barry for free...

Friday / Venerdì / Venusday, 11-05-2010
After a long day in front of my little electronic baby, going awol trying to find the next paying gig before my landlord remembers that we ain't family, I get a call from Nika (yup the infamous, gorgeous and funny Nika Williams) who just happens to have 2 tickets for the screening of Halle Berry's new movie. So I put my fanciest 'I-don’t-know-what-to-wear' clothes on, grab my hat and jump in the car 20min later to find street parking and be on time at the screening.

For the first time in my life I am sitting in a movie theater with nothing but beautiful black people. It felt overwhelming to be in a vibe that I know and looked for but am not used to be in. I am simply not used to not be the only big hair in the room and instead of feeling foreign, I was home.

Anyhow, here we are at the first screening of 'Frankie & Alice'. Not knowing what to expect I try to see over the big head in front of me. I do not want to tell you anything about the movie but the fact that I really enjoyed myself watching it and would recommend anyone. It is a little Halle Berry typical drama but not as much as you would expect (forget Monster’s Ball in this case). We are being told a true story and it pleasantly misses that Hollywood overdo. I did not cry for once but we all genuinely stood up and clapped at the end of it.

A 10 to Ms. Berry's production and acting skills.
After the movie here come the Q&A's. My heart could not help it to beat a little faster. Let me just be excited about my blessings for a second :Little me, from a place in between the alps, is sitting here with this dope ass Hollywood comedian who just happens to be my friend and invited me to the FIRST screening of world famous and super talented Halle Berry who is sitting in front of us answering questions with that excited voice. You could tell she was a little anxious and I was super inspired.
With a big smile on my face I follow Nika out who obviously knows a bunch of people in there and we start talking about where to go next. The decision falls on Snoop Dogg’s private party down the street of my house. No we did not see Snoop but one celebrity a day is more than enough. Instead we got a little present from the parking fairy: $52 in parking ticket to see Halle Berry... is that what you get tryna be cheap and save that $10 valet?

You got a 100 dollar bill but your hands up…


shanonbond said…
same thing happened to us when we saw her & film yesterday! except I think ours was $47 :(
Julie & Ricco

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