'Have I known you all my life?
I think I love you!
I think it's right!
It's gonna last forever
like a higher might
though last time
it just last one night'

What is love?
what is hate?
Are they bigger then a grape
Is love science?
Is love real?
I just know it's something I can feel

Love is beautiful
Love is great
Love makes a king turn into a slave
poison for your soul
trouble for your mind
Love can be dangerous
Love can eat your light

Love is mystical
is it why people hate?
What is love
is it bigger then a grape?

I will trust and donate my heart
it's gonna last forever
if it doesn't fall apart
if it doesn't last just one night
it's gonna grow, be better
and become smart

the birds are gonna sing
for my love
the king
child of a slave will bring
the answer to all things

one week old little nephew aka godson aka booboooooooooo


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