Love is war? nonono

My friend Leezy wrote me this comment today: life is Love, love is War!!!

In a time when my muse is awake this is what I gotta say:

Don't mistake love with greed & desire.
Love is the energy that makes you feel God.
War is the result of sinful minds.

No more negativity!!! Should have left that with the past 2007. Every day is a challenge in this world that's true but all corrupted? Not all! Real love starts with one good heart and a good heart will not expect nothing but to give the beat to the sound that the body will make and let's call that sound muse! The muse is the energy that will touch other hearts... let's call it music! Start the chain reaction by feeling alive and spread the music that reflects your heart and you will be part of a big movement.

ya gearl
VK the Swizz Poet


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