Crazy Mirror

who is it?
who is going to save this world?
who is going to be stronger then any soul?
who has the power to deliver us from the chains
who is so mighty that can save us from evil and pain
I see you as a source of light
but you don't see yourself so bright
you get lost in the woods of your inner self
you accept and wait for someone to help
who is it?
who is going to be pure and true
who is going to take your hand and won't lie to you?
who is going to save the children from reality
so they can play forever in their fantasy
what is life and what is death?
who is so wise that can explain that?
Is god in me or in this room?
Answer me before my corps ends in my tomb.
Mirror! How much time is left?
Let's go and take this burden from our chest.
Crazy mirror!

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